At 77even Designs, we do some serious JavaScript work. And we’re not talking about slapping a few lines of script on a webpage. We’re talking about heavy-duty software engineering and web applications built using JavaScript rather than traditional development languages such as PHP, Java, Python or .NET

Mobile and cloud have dramatically changed the way companies operate and connect with customers. Businesses need solutions that are easy to scale, ready for cloud and mobile deployments, and allow rapid production. JS fits the bill well and is being openly adopted and advocated by industry heavyweights like Walmart, General Motors, and Linkedin.

77even Designs helps you efficiently build interactive web sites that engage with your audience and leverage the advantages Javascript brings to table today. We can help you with:

  • Architecting, designing, building and deploying your JavaScript application
  • Performance optimization
  • Leveraging proper JavaScript frameworks that meet your needs
  • Building test suites
  • Maintain/upscale your current JavaScript application

And couple these services with our HTML5 Development to supplement a full Frontend development team for your company. Get in touch with us today for your JS development needs.

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