There is often a trade-off between having a rich content management suite or having control of your site. It is also often the case that content management systems with too many features can confuse users ourselves included.

For this reason we take a completely bespoke attitude towards content management. We do not provide complex off the shelf content management systems, we build a unique system which only includes the features that you require. Make no mistake though; advanced features such as multi-language sites and complex approval workflows for pages can be supplied. It simply means we won’t supply them unless you ask us to.

Our approach, taking each client’s requirements into account before building the CMS around them allows us to more easily tackle projects with complex requirements such as integrations with other back end systems or other complex systems that need to run on the website itself. With Inflecto developing your content managed website you will get a solution that is uncluttered and usable rather than something that is either too complex to use on the odd occasion or breaks every time you try to make a small change to your website.

We have been surprised by the reactions we have had when our clients have described the benefits they have felt by moving to one of our custom solutions. Complex tasks become simple as they are tailored to how you work. Delegating tasks to staff with a minimal of CMS training also becomes possible.

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